We all know that knowledge is power. gives a child the power to learn by discovering thousands of words that in turn give them the tools needed to express themselves and explore the world around them.


The ASL dictionary website allows children to look up words in their native language. Unlike the standard English dictionary, which is based on sound, is specifically designed for the performance-based language of ASL—making the online dictionary both accessible and uniquely comprehensible for the growing deaf child.


Using the methodology developed by the University of Arizona, stomach maximizes the learning capacity of deaf children by employing techniques that complement movement-based language allowing the process to be both effective and intuitive.

Accessible from sea to shining sea, will be a comprehensive online educational tool that will allow our nation’s children to increase their ASL literacy, develop critical thinking and analytical skills as well as foster independent learning and research skills in a fun environment. In addition, will be especially valuable to children who are living in remote areas without the fellowship of a Deaf community. The website will also be a wonderful resource for parents, siblings, friends, teachers, ASL students and other members of our community who wish to connect with their family members, co-workers, and friends.

Nearly 85% completed, this essential literacy program will ensure that millions of children now living without a means to communicate will soon no longer need to do so. For with your support we can achieve the goal of giving every deaf child access to the beautiful language of ASL.

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Your support is truly needed. Unfortunately, only 1% of Deaf school children have access to sign language. Here at CCSD, we are now working hard to change this reality by developing exciting and innovative initiatives like—a new American Sign Language (ASL) instruction website for children currently in the making.


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Like every child, every dollar counts. Please join us in freeing a child from illiteracy and isolation.

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